Thursday, October 13, 2005

Raining and...

It's been raining for almost a week and it's going to continue this way for a while. I think we must be getting the leftovers of all the hurricanes down south. But it's started to turn cold and that's the difference. On Sunday I got the crap beaten out of me at the rugby game. The team we played was good and who knows if we weren't really focused. I hadn't gotten smashed around like that in a while. We spent all of today in practice going over how to properly tackle. Since we only recently started having a real coach we need to re-learn a lot of the basics. Consequently, during the tackle practice I smashed my knee into my partner's knee and I'm hoping it's not going to continue hurting into tomorrow. We've got another game in only a few days. If it's away I think my parents might come to see it. That might be good, maybe I'll convince them to buy me a mattress pad so I don't wake up with back pain every time I sleep in my apartment....maybe. Argh, I'm falling apart!

It's halfway through the semester but it doesn't feel like it. I'm only seven weeks away from going to Wales for the spring. I'm excited but nervous, the same way I felt about moving into an apartment this year with three other girls. I'm boring,

oh, and my friend got me the V for Vendetta "graphic novel". I'm excited to read it, I want the movie to come out. Read it, it's good.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Yeah, I know...'s been a while. I doubt anyone reads this anymore. But I feel like writing so I think I'll do that.

This weekend is Fall break at my school but I've got a game on Sunday that I can't miss so I'm not traveling anywhere. The campus is pretty empty, most people went home on Friday, but the rugby team stayed. HP left yesterday afternoon to go back to NYC. I wish I could have gone with him, I always have fun with him in the city. But, alas, I am here. My mom is coming to visit though since we tentatively have states scheduled for family weekend (which my family was planning on coming up for). She will come up this afternoon and leave on Monday, watching our game Sunday. I'm glad I'll have someone to hang out with, plus I'll get some quality time with my mom.

Yesterday afternoon marked my personal third annual Fancies with women's rugby. I believe I've explained it before but I'll explain it again. All the girls buy ridiculously ugly dresses from the thrift store (mine cost $8) and the vets and rookies meet up before hand separately to drink. We then meet at the field and start to scrimmage in our dresses, drunkenly. Only, our dressses don't make it that far...about 30 seconds into playing we start ripping apart other people's dressses and soon there are shreds all over the field. We chase down people who try to escape and soon everyone is in their sports bra and spandex. Then, the boys team decides it's time to step in and play. They start to scrimmage with us and girls are getting tackled all over the place. This year it had been raining all day so everyone was geting completely covered in mud. It was amazing. So the girls were getting thrown around in their spandex in the mud and the guys were having a gay old time. Eventually a couple people got hit a little too hard so we stopped playing. Then, after having our coach take our muddy picture a few of us decided that it would be a good idea to jump in the Lake around here (there's a small late, maybe even a pond, that is at the bottom of campus and it is very pretty. they place swans in it every year to make it look better. before you graduate you are supposed to have jump in the lake at least once, i took this as my opportunity). So I jumped into the lake, my cleats keeping me from touching the muddy gross bottom and it smelled horrible. I quickly climbed out and a few other people were pushed in. Then we trekked home in the rain in our spandex along the main road. It was hilarious. We were all soaking wet from head to toe.

I took a hot and very clean shower afterwards because I also have a cold right now and didn't want to kill myself. We went back to the original apartment we were at but most people were tired so we watched Pirates of the Carribean. I got my hair french braided (yes, I know, very girly, but you've got to do those things every once in a while). We watched the end of the Yankees game (Go Angels!!) and got some late night snacks from the supermarket. It was a pretty cozy evening and now I'm trying to gear up for a morning practice in the cold rain before our coach has to head off to the boys' game in Syracuse. I really do love this sport, and as a junior I'm starting to realize that I won't have this team forever. It is making me sad and I don't want to ever leave it. I think rugby is one of the things I will miss the most at my school (oops...almost typed it out there :) )

Anyway, I've been blathering on for a while, I should start cleaning up the apartment for my mom and getting dressed for practice. It's going to be a cool one.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

First League Game

We're playing SUNY Albany today in our first league game. There have been two games before this (but I've only been in one because I was at my brother's wedding) but they weren't league. I got moved to play fly half. That's a rather important position and I have to direct the entire line of backs. I'm incredibly nervous. I think I might throw up. No joke. Plus all my friends are coming to watch. I jammed my middle and ring fingers on my right hand on Tuesday and they still hurt. I hit the ball with them pretty hard. I'm worried I won't catch as well since I tape them together. Argh!
Okay, my roommate is rolling around in her bed like my typing disturbs her, so I gotta go. Wish me luck...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hello again

Wow, so it's been a long time, but I don't really know if anyone reads this anyway. I've been at school for about two weeks now and have had classes for about a week and a half. I've gotten all my classes squared away the way I wanted so I'm happy. I'm taking a class about Islam which is really interesting and an education class about schools in america that isn't quite as interesting but the teacher is crazy enough to keep you awake. I'm taking two psychology courses, one about attention and memory and one about stats. The stats class is required but I'm glad I'm getting it done now. There were hardly any juniors that got into it this semester. I'm living in an apartment with three other girls and that is going well too. I'm over at HP's alot though so it's not like they have time to get tired of me or anything. I've also started rugby up again, hurrah! We have a "real" coach this year and last week was so much conditioning, I could hardly move Thursday afternoon. I'm sore again after having run up our academic hill twice this week. I'm afraid my thighs will get huge. My quads are extremely sore. Last night I went out to see Matisyahu, a hasidic raggae rapper guy, who was performing at my school. Don't judge, because he was really amazing. He was really high energy and got everyone really excited. He even beat boxed for a short while and it was AMAZING. It sounded as if there were three people on the mike at once.

I'm going to my older brother's wedding next weekend and I can't wait. HP and I are going to leave Friday morning so I can make it for the rehearsal. I had a bad dream last night and part of it entailed me messing up the wedding because I had missed the rehearsal and didn't know what to do. It should be a lot of fun though. I get to have my hair and makeup done. I'm just hoping my skin stays clear for it. I am excited to see who my younger brother is taking as well (a girl!).'

Okay, gotta go back to reading the Qur'an and commentary. It's quite interesting stuff.
In the name of God, the compassionate and the caring, I will post later.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Christmas Eve-esque

I feel like it's Christmas eve. I'm heading off to school tomorrow to live in an apartment with three other girls. This is sink or swim time. I'm scared about feeding myself every night, I'm scared about really having another roommate (freshman year hardly counts, I was never in there) and I'm scared about being so close with three other girls. I'm scared about being the last to move in and having no room for my stuff. I'm scared about having a car but no dad to make sure I treat it right. I know, I'm a wuss, it just feels like junior year is a really big step to take. And in just five months I'll be flying to Wales for a semester at Cardiff University. It's scary. There will be a lot of firsts for me this year. I'm kind of glad that I only have to be away from home for two weeks and then I come back for my brother's wedding. It kind of gives me a chance to get used to things and then relax for a couple days with my family. I only got to spend today with my mom since she and my younger brother arrived only yesterday from Canada. My two weeks alone weren't that bad and at the worst the kitchen may have had only a slight funk to it when they got back.
Anyway, I'm all packed up in my car. I'll wake up around 9 tomorrow, eat breakfast, say goodbye, and then fill up my tank before heading on the road. It takes about five hours to get to school so I won't get in until around 3. I loaded my iPod up with podcasts and some music. I'm charging it right now, though knowing my iPod it will run out of battery half way there. Metal crap-box...
I am nervous. Really nervous. I think I will have to take some Tylenol PM to make sure I get to bed at a decent time. I should probably go and finish drying my hair, I don't want to look a wreck tomorrow. Can't wait to see HP!! I think he's my neighbor. Now he can't give excuses for not coming over to see me....hehe...

Wish me good luck!! TTFN!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sin City BA-BAY

I have already called in to Blockbuster twice to reserve my copy of Sin City so that I can pick it up after work. I'm going to watch it over at A's house where she has a "movie room" with a huge projector screen and oversized coach. The only downside is that you're supposedly not allowed to eat in it (as per her dads orders) but who's ever heard of a movie room where popcorn isn't allowed?! It's ludicrous! I'm still excited to see the movie though, it should be a good night. I plan on going for a short run after picking up the movie, I kind of gave myself last week off on account of being busy and having HP over. But I really should be picking it up again. Also, I need to mow the lawn sometime. It's taking over...hmm...

It was incredibly humid and hot this weekend but after the rain broke on Sunday it's been cooler. It's kind of reminding me of fall...creepy. I really don't want it to get cold again. I have enough of that up at school. The only good thing is not getting heat stroke while running. But I think I could sacrifice myself for the warmth.

Plans for this week:
Tonight: watching Sin City on uber-cool big screen
Tomorrow: going to Bloomingdales with A in hopes of finally finding a pair of jeans that I like, if that doesn't work I'll go over to the Gap so at least I can get a free song out of it.
Thursday: Dinner with older bro and his fiance, perhaps playing with some cute kitten/cats.
Friday: Celebrate my last day of work by...watching TV?
Saturday: make mad dash to dump before picking dad up at airport so that the house doesn't smell when he arrives. Hopefully.

I've been surprisingly busy the past two weeks. It seems like I was more busy recently than I was when my family was around. Maybe that's because I schedule things in because it's not as much fun to sit around. Oh, and I got a quick call this afternoon from my mom up in Canada. Saying hello, eh, you betcha, etc. in the spirit of the Canadian wilderness. It seems like they've gotten great weather, which I am insanely jealous about but whatever, we can't win 'em all. At least I have some cash in my pocket to show for it. I haven't been spending much. My next big purchases will be jeans and a new pair of khakis, but I expect that will be it. I don't think I'll need a new pair of cleats, it just depends on how smelly they are and if I can stand them. Loverly!

Anyway, I should probably look like I'm doing work or something.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Weekend in Boston

Here's the view from our hotel room that HP and I stayed in a couple weeks ago. Isn't it an incredible view? You can even seen the Fenway Citgo sign, thought it may be easier to see at night.

Here I am at the beach with my cousin, "Star". That was last weekend, this weekend HP came to visit and it was great. Plus, I finally got to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I sincerley recommend it. Anyway, I'll write more later, just wanted to post pictures.